Do You Know How to Travel Like a Local?

Who doesn’t love travelling! While some globetrot for a luxurious experience, catching up on all the highlights of the world, there are others who travel like a spirited soul only curious to discover. If you are really a traveler and not the touristy-visit-all-places types, you will know the joy of blending into the crowd wherever you go. Don’t you just love the idea of getting lost in thoughts, walking in meadow by the riverbank!

Travelling like a local is an experience like no other – ideally discovering a locale in its true essence. But do you really know how to travel like one? From devouring a late brunch at the locally popular pub to dancing at local festivals, travelling like a native is a thrill in a different realm! And also staying with the locals, which is what here at HeyBnb we all love!

So, ditch those plane tickets for hitchhike on a truck. We are here with the most awesome tips on how to travel like a local!

Firstly, ditch the plans!

We mean it. Don’t make elaborate plans for a vacation if you want to experience the place like the locals. Make a list of a few places that’s on your bucket list and let your wanderlust do the rest.

Read before the ride!

Read up on the place you are travelling to – what it is popular for, the untouched places, special activities and events. Make sure that you are at least aware of the basic terrain of the place and it’s climate, which will help you pack right and travel right without too much planning.

Book a vacation rental!

Why? Because hotels are too mainstream! Just kidding! Homestays and vacation rentals are your best bet to travelling like a local. Not only do you get to experience a local household, you also have a point of contact in a foreign place. And did we tell you we have awesome tents and cottages too? HeyBnb offers some of the best international homestays with a range of rentals, tents, cottages, single rooms and more. Book a homestay with HeyBnb and trust us, we will make it a vacation worth remembering.

Make a local friend!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have someone show you around their local life? From when they get up to the brand of coffee popular in the locality, your local friend is sure to keep you engaged with intriguing facts about a destination. Not to forget, they will be your guardian angels in case of any local emergencies!

Go local with your palate!

Ditch the subways and international restaurants for the quaint little café in the corner. From having an authentic taste of the local lunches at canteens to trying out the local bakery, go around and get a taste of what the locals eat on a daily basis. Don’t be surprised to discover a new favourite for yourself too!

Participate in a local event!

If there’s a festival, even or activity going on in your neighborhood, be sure to join in. You will have an exceptional experience of getting acquainted with new cultures, people, and their way of life. You can blend in to the place seamlessly and make friends for life, and these people will keep you engaged for the rest of your vacation.

Use the local transport!

There are some places where you won’t be allowed with your personal vehicles so it’s better to leave them behind. Use public transport like local buses and trains or just hike around to explore the place in all its nook and corners. Not only will it be budget-friendly, you will experience a big chunk of the local lifestyle on public transport.

Travel in low season and don’t track time!

The best time to visit any place like a local is when the tourists are rare. Forget about keeping track of time and enjoy experiencing the local way of life with your body clock. Go for fishing expeditions if available or a round of wood-cutting with the locals, the off season will be a boon for your vacation and let you traverse your destination in a unique journey.

So where are you going next? Ready with your camping gear? Or have you just packed for a week but plan to stay for three? Stop the preplanning and let the travel bug lead you on a journey in its most natural element. Travel like a local with HeyBnb and see the world as it really is.